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Founder, C.E.O. & Steward

Shirlicia Mason is a phenomenal playwright, director, producer and stage manager from Atlanta, Georgia. She founded God’s Anointed Daughter Productions, Inc. in the summer of 2007 after writing her first play. She graduated Magna Cum Laude in May of 2010 from Stillman College located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. There she earned her B.A. in English and was given the opportunity to expand the ministry. Shirlicia's passion for the performing arts is rooted in her desire to honor Jesus Christ by presenting others with what she likes to call "Stage Ministry." She is constantly in the process of developing various forms of entertainment for Christian growth (i.e. movies, books, and songs) through the power of the Holy Spirit. She serves with the drama ministry at Seed Planters Community Church in Jonesboro, Georgia under the leadership of Pastor Marland and Lady Sibongile Montgomery. Mason currently resides in Riverdale, Georgia with her awesome husband, Lamar, their precocious six year old son, L.J., and their bubbling and beautiful eight month old baby girl, Aleena-Reign.

God’s Anointed Daughter Productions, Inc. History

God’s Anointed Daughter Productions, Inc. was founded June 4, 2007, by Shirlicia Mason after she wrote her first stage play, God Give Me The Grace. The following summer in 2008 she wrote her second play, Lord Help Me To Hold Out. In the spring of 2009, she directed and produced God Give Me The Grace at Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. That same year she wrote her third play, Lord Jesus, Ain’t That A Mess, and went on to direct and produce it the following spring of 2010 at the historic Bama Theater in downtown Tuscaloosa, Alabama. From the earnings of both productions, scholarships were given to students from local high schools and Stillman College who participated in essay contests involving the various themes and characters. In the fall of 2010, Mason wrote her first screenplay, Finally God, I Choose You and on February 22, 2011, God’s Anointed Daughter Productions was incorporated. It continues to be a beacon of light for Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit.

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